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As one of aluminium die casting manufactures ,GuangDong YinDi Die casting, with total investment of 50million RMB, which is professional in R&D manufacture and sales of aluminum and zinc die casting parts, a nd has right to import and export. Currently YinDi has capability of product developing, mold design and manufacturing, die casting, precision machining ,surface painting etc. 

Our customers mainly come from automobile, lighting, electrical accessories etc. Currently, there are a lot of aluminium die casting manufaturers,YinDi site covers more than 16,000 square meters of land in FoShan. Employee number is more than 300 persons in which 80 are engineers and technicians. There are total 13 sets of advanced die casting machines purcased from home and abroad(different types from 160T-1250T), and 41 sets of advanced NC machining centers, production capacity is up to 5000T casting every year. 


Die casting center is already equipped by higher automatic production. Each machine has function of automatic feeding, spraying and picking (robot is used for large machine), which improve the stability of production process highly, and ensure stable quality and higher effciency. 2 central continuous melting furnaces and 4 graphite crucible melting furnaces are equipped for die casting workshop. Currently the large melting capacity can be up to 3T alu. Liquid per hour. We have the advanced technology to refine and degas makes the melted alu. Liquid totally meet relevant material requirement, and ensure product quality and performance.

Although there are lots of aluminium die casting manufacturers have process center, YinDi has 41 sets vertical CNC machining equipments, with 1 CNC turning center and 6 CNC lathes. Most of them are the well-known brand in Taiwan and Japan. Quality management system of first inspection, last inspection and process inspection is adopted during machining process. The inspection devices are CMM, all kinds of common used gauges(GO-NO GO gauge and thread plug gauge etc.), air gauge, general gauge etc. SPC system is used for monitor and manage key features dimension of product process, and make statistics and analysis on key features dimension CPK periodically. The result will be used to improve and optimize machining production engineering, to ensure quality stability and production efficiency during process.

GuangDong YinDi mold center has accomulated more than 20 years experience on mold design and manufacture, and educated many engineering technicians and mold designers with rich experience. Currenty YinDi uses advanced mold flow simulation soft ware, as Cast-Designer.  According to the result of mold flow simulation, the designers will keep optimizing R &D period, which will ensure and improve later mold quality. There are total more than 20 sets of advanced mold manufacturing equipments, just like vertical CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine, processing equipment, die-spotting press, universal radial drill, plane grinder etc. Mold casting system simulation analysis capability use the USA Cast-Designer flow analysis software for filling simulation analysis, improving flow system and per fecting mold designing.

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