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Pressure die casting companies of Aluminum Die Cast Heat Sinks, Parts & Materials

Heat Sinks Pressure die casting companies of Aluminum Die Cast Heat Sinks, Parts & Materials Pressure die casting mould is your headquarters for innovative die cast heat sinks. Utilizing our superior die casting processes and technology, we can manufacture aluminum thermal heat sinks and heat sink parts and other presurre die casting parts to fit your specifications and design. Our goal is to provide you with superior aluminum heat sinks and parts at affordable prices. What Are Die Cast Heat Sinks? Aluminum die cast Heatsinks are used to cool various electronic components and devices. We can provide companies, suppliers, and individuals with die cast heat sinks and other presurre die casting parts in a variety of applications, including: • Circuit boards (PC boards): Our aluminum heat sinks can provide a highly effective heat management process for circuit boards by providing a precise combination of vertical and horizontal cooling. Various thicknesses and customized forms are also easily achievable. • Fixtures, housings & LED (light emitting diode) boards: Premier is your source for heat sinks that provide effective cooling solutions for LED light sources. Pressure die casting companies can manufacture customized aluminum heat sinks that are lightweight, require little in the way of structural support and suitable for high-volume production processes. • Communication equipment (such as cellular & satellite devices): We’re also leading aluminum heat sink manufacturers for various types of communication equipment that is lightweight and offers excellent resistance against corrosion. Call +8618219289178, Ask a Question, or Request a Quote today for more information and pricing on our die cast aluminum heatsinks. The Benefits of Die Cast Aluminum Heat Sinks Aluminum die cast heat sinks are electrically conductive, which means they can be electrically grounded – there’s no need to pay additional costs for copper plating, and heat sink parts are used for RF and EMI shielding. Die cast aluminum heat sinks are robust and can be molded with many features included to eliminate secondary operations such as machining and assembly to reduce costs. Aluminum thermal heat sinks are specially designed to extract heat from components in electronic devices – and they’re designed in a way to need less machining than other processes such as extruded heat sinks or machined heat sinks. The cooling fin, mounting holes and mounting features can be manufactured simultaneously. Die cast heat sinks can be used as raw parts without any finish, or they can be anodized or powder coated for improved surface protection and corrosion resistance. Besides the common “fin” design of heat sinks die casting can produce “pin fin” designs with greater density in a given area of the product. “Pin fin” features also offer the product designer greater latitude in orientation of the product in the final use – no matter which direction the product is oriented the heat will still flow properly through the “pin fins” thus extracting heat at the best rate possible. Who Uses Aluminum Heat Sinks? Aluminum die casting factory company creates die cast heat sinks for a wide range of companies that operate all over the world. Some of the key industries we support and have specialized knowledge of include: • Testing and custom machine brands that build their own specialized computers and cases • Lighting, display and advertising equipment companies that distribute and manage LED boards for a wide range of lighting scenarios • Large-park industries that need robust sound and acoustical systems to provide updates, information and alerts to staff across large geographic areas • Industrial mechanics, automotive truck and equipment manufacturers, and support providers for logistics, farm and other industrial automotive brands • Telecommunications firms, from business-facing internet service providers to individual consumer service providers like cell service companies • Any company or situation that can benefit from an aluminum die cast heat sink’s ability to protect even the most sensitive of equipment Always Choose YINDI-One of pressure die casting companies Heat Sink Manufacturers YINDI-One of pressure die casting companies wants to be your go-to aluminum heat sink manufacturer, but we recognize that some businesses may choose to look elsewhere for support.

Customized Die Casting Aluminum Alloy furniture decoration parts

Die casting furniture parts

A large part of our production involves supplying the furniture industry with aluminium die casting parts. High pressure die casting aluminum alloys offers many advantages: precision, the absence of joints and the capability to install different functions into a part. In addition, this die casting material can also easily be powder-coated in various colors.
We are capable to design and produce the die casting mould, we have CNC to machine the parts to meet your requirement. Our furniture die casting made according to customers' drawing. Yindi philosophy for growing his business is simple: provide the customer with the best total value in terms of quality, price, service and innovation.
We can provide the service of designing for the aluminium die casting parts about the furniture. As time go on, the high pressure die casting aluminum alloys are used for the furniture more and more. So we devote ourself to the research the technology for the aluminium die casting parts for the furniture. And we hope we can do the better and better in the high pressure die casting aluminum alloys as time goes by.
The morden furniture pursuse the plurlistic structure and vision corlorization. Aluminium die casting parts can meet the furniture's demands. Aluminium die casting manufacturers can design the mixed and beautiful structure. At the same time, we can coat the surface in different ways, just like: painting, spraying, sand-blasting, shot-blasting and so on. In these way, we can satisfy the customers who ruquire for the color. The aluminium die casting parts can break the routine about the furniture and make it have a high level. Certainly, if we want to do it sucessfully, we must pay attention the effort to them. Yindi as the leader of the aluminium die casting manufacturers in Foshan, not only in the quality and technology, but also in the service, we are the best. Yindi people will insist on them day and day.
Yindi pay attetion to the furniture parts in recent years, we can offer the parts to these furnitures, just like office furniture, lounge furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, kids furniture and so on. The Yindi people wil make great efforts on the technology. We want to make parts for the intellegent furniture. And we can satisfy the market and customers demands.
You are so welcomed to contacting and visiting our company to establish long term business relationship, we can assure you with our sincerity and service satisy you.

die casting best price aluminum heat sink OEM service

Why choose yindi die casting manufacturer?

Foshan Yindi Matrix Die Casting Co., Ltd is specializing in tooling making, aluminum alloy die casting over 20 years. We are an OEM die casting manufacturer and a high pressure die casting suppliers. Now almost every product needs to make the die casting mold. Yindi has the complete processes from the making of die-cast mould to the finish. We protect the customers' sole ownership and strictly carry out the ISO standard. With enough production capacity, we can make more than 60 sets of new die casting moulds every month and produce about 70,000pcs castings every day.sch as  pressure die casting parts, high pressure aluminum die casting and pressure die casting mould. As one of the professional aluminium die casting companies and pressure die casting companies, we have an efficient solution to control the cost for our client which is based on customer oriented. We insist on the steady quality performance, each pressure die casting mould will be full inspected before shipment. With a very competitive price and good die casting service, we are the best aluminum die casting factory company you can cooperate.

Medical high precision CNC machining die casting

Die Casting for Medical Device Parts

Yindi is one of  die casting manufactures in FOSHAN who affords a large assortment of extraordinary die casting services for medical machine parts. We grant parts to many of the leading medical device manufacturers. Aluminum die casting has been our strength, and we use our knowledge and experience to develop superior components that help our customers save money, increase their manufacturing capacities and experience a speedy return on their investment. Our die cast medical device parts feature most excellent strength, rigidity and are mild in weight, all of which are essential traits in today's medical devices.
We know that the medical divices parts need the precision die castings and precision after processing. As the leader of the  aluminium die casting manufacturers, Yindi Currently has 41 sets vertical CNC machining equipments, with 1 CNC turning center and 6 CNC lathes. Most of them are the well-known brand in Taiwan and Japan.

Quality management system of first inspection, last inspection and process inspection is adopted during machining process. The inspection devices are CMM, all kinds of common used gauges(GO-NO GO gauge and thread plug gauge etc.), air gauge, general gauge etc.

SPC system is used for monitor and manage key features dimension of product process, and make statistics and analysis on key features dimension CPK periodically. The result will be used to improve and optimize machining production engineering, to ensure quality stability and production efficiency during process.

The medical machine devices need precision die castings. Yindi has the capacity to produce the medical devices in the die casting manufatures. Because we have Our own r&d team, we the r&d capacity. We also know that the medical decices customers have a high demand in the quality. So we have the later process in the cnc and coating. As matter of fact, the die casting manufactures who have the precision die castings capacity is so few. So if you choice me, I think you make a right decision. Certainly, we can offer the high quality precision die casting for you. WIN-WIN cooperation!

Customized Die Casting Aluminum Electronics

As a leading die casting manufacturer and aluminum die casting factory, Yindi can design and produce die cast electrical parts for your specific applications.Meanwhile, Yindi is the best one of pressure die casting companies and high pressure die casting suppliers in FoShan. We have the capacity to produce the high pressure die casting mould according your demands. We know the high pressure die casting mould need the excellent engineer. So as a aluminu die casting factory, we have our own mold shop and professiona staff. In this way , we can offer the professional service for the pressure die casting parts and high pressure aluminum die casting. Whether your project needs thousands of pieces or just a small quantity of parts to start off a large long term scale project, our aluminum electrical die casting parts are used in different applications.T
Yindi aluminium die casting factory has the capability to do it. Because GuangDong YinDi Die casting, with total investment of 50million RMB, which is professional in R&D manufacture and sales of aluminum and zinc die casting parts, a nd has right to import and export. Currently YinDi has capability of product developing, mold design and manufacturing, die casting, precision machining ,surface painting etc. Our customers mainly come from automobile, lighting, electrical accessories etc.Currently, YinDi site covers more than 16,000 square meters of land in FoShan. Employee number is more than 300 persons in which 80 are engineers and technicians. There are total 13 sets of advanced die casting machines purcased from home and abroad(different types from 160T-1250T), and 41 sets of advanced NC machining centers, production capacity is up to 5000T casting every year.Die casting center is already equipped by higher automatic production. Each machine has function of automatic feeding, spraying and picking (robot is used for large machine), which improve the stability of production process highly, and ensure stable quality and higher effciency.GuangDong YinDi mold center has accomulated more than 20 years experience on mold design and manufacture, and educated many engineering technicians and mold designers with rich experience.Currenty YinDi uses advanced mold flow simulation soft ware, as Cast-Designer. According to the result of mold flow simulation, the designers will keep optimizing R &D period, which will ensure and improve later mold quality.There are total more than 20 sets of advanced mold manufacturing equipments, just like vertical CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine, processing equipment, die-spotting press, universal radial drill, plane grinder etc.Mold casting system simulation analysis capability use the USA Cast-Designer flow analysis software for filling simulation analysis, improving flow system and per fecting mold designing.
The pressure die casting pars are used  for electrical enclosures include electronic devices that make use of circuit boards. They're also used to house electronic components found in many automobiles.We know the pressure die casting parts for the automobiles which need the more professional technology. As a aluminum die casting factory company, we have the advanced die-casting machine and NC manchining centers. As one of high pressure die casting suppliers and pressure die casting companies, we have our own quality management which can insure the production.
Design specifications for electrical die casting components often require the mold to be rugged and durable, lightweight for portability, waterproof, dust-proof and have fail-safe EMI shielding.  Yindi high pressure die casting suppliers has experience with the most demanding electrical aluminum die casting components requirements.

You are so welcomed to contacting and visiting our company to estabulish long term business relationship, we can assure you with our sincerity and service to satisfy you.

high pressure mechanical aluminum alloy die casting

During the process of die casting, molten metal is injected into two components of a structure (the die), which are stuck together. The metal is injected underneath high pressure. After it has cooled, the two components of the die come loose and the part is removed. Because the same die mold is used repeatedly, each part comes out looking precisely the same. The process of designing the die is the only technically tough part of the operation. A number of factors have to be viewed to make certain that no air is trapped internal the molten metal when it is injected and calculations on the draft angle have to be made to make it likely for the part to be ejected easily. This technique is used in almost every industry in the world and it is unlikely that you are not surrounded by objects right now that have been created by a die casting technology.

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