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Does your company need die casting for your parts production?

If you have used other techniques of part manufacturing in the past, you might also wonder if die casting is right for your company. In fact, die casting is a very famous desire among most of the businesses as a cost-effective and efficient solution to your part production needs. 

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Our Aluminum Die Casting Plant

A key reason why YINDI is one of the leading aluminum pressure die casting manufacturers in China is our ongoing commitment to process improvement including the use of innovative equipment. We have been investing in advanced production line equipment to manufacture the highest quality products. In different die casting production lines, we have the advanced specific machines to produce. In the die casting mould workshop, we have more than 40 sets tooling making machines, we can design and manufacture the mould by ourselves. In the casting workshop, we have 9 sets Die casting machines from 160T to 900T to manufacture die cast aluminum. In the CNC workshop, we have 9 sets CNC and 5 sets lathes, we can machines parts with single position or multi position.

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What are the benefits of aluminum die casting service?

Our aluminum high pressure die casting process offers a lot of important benefits including:
Customization: Our technology facilitates the attainment of complex designs and forms, making it easy to customize the casting parts to specific manufacturing processes.
Higher rates: Aluminum alloy die castings enable parts to be manufactured at a much higher rate than other metal alloys. 
Lightweight strength: Aluminum castings offer a highly valued combination of light weight and superior strength.
Low cost: Aluminum alloy die cast parts are typically much cheaper than other metal alloys.
Versatile and resistant to corrosion: Aluminum castings are extremely versatile and offer excellent resistance against corrosion.
As an aluminum die casting manufacturer, YINDI also offers you complete and thorough assembly and testing of all die cast parts and products. If you're interested in aluminum pressure casting, you'll get a full-service experience available in our aluminum die casting plant.

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Founded in 1996, we are an ISO 9001:2008 registered cost-effective manufacturer of custom designed aluminum die castings in China. As a professional die casting supplier, we supply die casting parts all over the world. According to your drawings or samples, we can provide one-step service of castings in the process starting from mold making, die casting, finish machining to post casting processing and surface treatment. The material we use is aluminum alloy die casting.
Yindi has been a specialty of premier die casting company for decades. Given our experience in the industry, together with our advanced equipment, our expert manufacturing and quality engineers, and production staff, there is no doubt that we have quality manufacturing for your parts and products at an economical rate.

Customized Die Casting Aluminum Alloy Light Housing

Characteristics of lighting fixtures die casting aluminum alloy:

High operating temperatures
Excellent corrosion resistance
True electricity and hardness
Good stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio
Excellent EMI and RFI protective properties
Excellent thermal conductivity
High electrical conductivity
Full recyclability
Aluminum alloy's strength, corrosion resistance, and warmth dissipating properties provide mechanical designers with tremendous advantages. And our aluminum die casting is your best choice.

Customized Aluminum LED Light Housing Heatsink Parts

Die casting is a popular manufacturing process for casting products. There are two main die casting process types and several variations in process design. When molten metal is forced into mold cavities at high pressure, it is known as high pressure die casting. The process is best suitable for speedy and mass production of bulk metallic parts.

Industries we serve for

Yindi offers aluminum alloy die casting services for industrial parts in a number of leading markets. We help customers deliver products that meet high-quality demands. As a leading aluminum die casting factory, we serve a wide variety of industries, including: lighting, medical, automobile, furniture, etc.


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