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When designing your next medical or surgical device, die casting can be a choice to consider. Yindi is a medical die casting manufacturer utilizing proprietary hot and cold chamber die casting technologies. Yindi's knowledge combined with structured project management methods supports customers from concept through rapid prototyping, tooling and pre-production stages, as well as full-scale manufacturing.
Precision die castings play an integral role in today's medical industry. Because of the close tolerances and high dimensional accuracy required by modern-day medical equipment, only the highest quality die cast products will do. Medical die cast components can be found in a wide variety of medical devices, including X-ray equipment, CAT scanners, MRI equipment, and other pieces of high tech equipment. Yindi is proud of serving the medical industry with the quality aluminum die casting.

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Die Casting for Medical Device Parts

Yindi affords a large assortment of extraordinary die casting services for medical machine parts. We grant parts to many of the leading medical device manufacturers. Aluminum die casting has been our strength, and we use our knowledge and experience to develop superior components that help our customers save money, increase their manufacturing capacities and experience a speedy return on their investment. Our die cast medical device parts feature most excellent strength, rigidity and are mild in weight, all of which are essential traits in today's medical devices.

What is cast aluminum?

This aluminum die cast is often used to manufacture many types of automobile parts. Furthermore, it is used to create many other products which people use each day. Even furniture can be created using this specific type of metal! It is a special type of metal alloy and before it can be used it has to go through what is called casting. This is a process that adds durability and strength to the material, as well as makes it more efficient for use. There are a few different ways that casting can occur, such as sand casting, die casting and mold casting. Die casting is usually the most popular method of casting.

How to extend the Life of Aluminum Die Casting Mold

One of the best ways to extend the life of aluminum die casting mold is by using heat treatment and die coatings. With applying these techniques, the heat checking will slow down immensely, ultimately extending the life of the tooling. Of course, you'll have to consider that extra costs of these coatings and decide whether it's worth extending the lifespan of the aluminum die casting mold.

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Q:What are the parts of molding die casting?
A:Using high pressure aluminum die casting process, aluminum and other metals are molded into cavities of the molded steel. There are two parts of molding that may happen. One is the fixed die half and the other is the ejector die half in which the molded aluminum is fabricated on the component on which it is cast.

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