How long is the die casting delivery time?

Often, customers ask us: How long is the development cycle of die castings? First of all, we need to distinguish whether the product is OEM or ODM, which takes different time. Yindi die casting company specializes in OEM of die castings. Therefore, we need to clarify the structure and processing requirements of die castings.
Recently, a German customer sent an email to inquire about the delivery date of our die castings, but it is very important that no product drawings were sent to me. They want to find LED lighting but no more detailed information.

Pictures of different types of die castings

casting mold OR casting mould

Because the development of die castings needs to be confirmed according to the structure of the product and the difficulty of processing. It involves the development time of die casting dies and products. Die casting and finishing time cannot be generalized.

Therefore, I responded to the usual die casting product development and delivery time; product design review is about 2 days, die design and development are about 2 days. Thirty days, more time is needed for complex dies; three to five days for prototype trial-production, and four days for delivery to customers; after confirmation of the prototype, press. Order production takes about 20 to 30 days to complete the production and final cabinet loading; products with difficult processing, such as auto parts, Products to be assembled, such as lighting assembly, need to increase a certain amount of time. Normally, the front-end design can be completed in about 60 days.

Production Flow of Die Casting

die casting production line

After I answered this, the next day I received an email from the guest, which included detailed drawings of the customer, and we did so in detail Review and discussion. And the good news is the customer decide to visit us, I will share some photos of the meeting when they come.

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