Customized Die Casting Aluminum Alloy furniture decoration parts

Die casting furniture parts

A large part of our production involves supplying the furniture industry with aluminium die casting parts. Die cast aluminium offers many advantages: precision, the absence of joints and the capability to install different functions into a part. In addition, this die casting material can also easily be powder-coated in various colors.
We are capable to design and produce the die casting mould, we have CNC to machine the parts to meet your requirement. Our furniture die casting made according to customers' drawing. Yindi philosophy for growing his business is simple: provide the customer with the best total value in terms of quality, price, service and innovation.

Die Casting Parts and Services for a Wide Variety of Industries

Many of the consumer products we use in our daily lives undergo the die casting process. A range of other industries, including automotive, electrical and medical device, rely on this increasingly popular fabrication process. Die casting, a term used to describe the finished part, refers to a manufacturing technique that allows for the mass production of metal parts by using high pressure to force molten metal into reusable die cavities.

Die casting is an efficient manufacturing process used to mass-produce components in a large variety of shapes, and these parts make their way into common items in our homes and workplaces. Die casting offers a dependable process with a smooth, quality surface that won't need any additional polishing or tooling. The two most common methods of die casting are hot chamber and cold chamber.

Aluminum Die Casting Corrosion Resistance

If you are searching for a corrosion resistant alloy that is capable of withstanding high temperatures aluminum may also be the best suit for your project. While exposing aluminum to extremely harsh conditions has always held an obvious risk of corrosion, aluminum die casting components will typically last longer-compared to other die casting alloys. Aluminum has the capacity to "heal" itself over time even after the exterior of the thing has corrosion. When functionality is critical to your component, you can count on aluminum to withstand some of the toughest working environments.

Die casting parts packing and shipping

Q:What is high pressure die casting process?
A:The high pressure die casting process is a kind of process in which metals are molted with high pressure for the purpose of getting the desired shapes, sizes and thickness. This is cheaper compared to plastic molding and even lighter compared to its parts which are die cast.

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