Die casting is a manufacturing process that utilizes reusable molds or dies to mass-produce complex metal parts at a competitive cost. If you have some questions about custom die casting and aluminum die casting, here you can get the answer.

Q:What is the minimum amount for the order?

A: It depends on the size of the product of your custom die casting. The amount for large products is 1000-2000 or above, and that for small products is 5000 or above.

Q:How long will it take for producing the molds of the order?

A:We have to see the size of the zinc and aluminum die casting mold. The large mold requires 60 days while the small one needs around 35 days.

Q:How long will it take for the delivery?
A:Normally about 30 days.
Q: What materials do you normally use?
A:We usually use ADC12. If you need other special materials such as A36 and A380, the total weight of the products needs to be 5 tons at least.

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