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As a leading die casting manufacturer, Yindi can design and produce die cast electrical parts for your specific applications. Whether your project needs thousands of pieces or just a small quantity of parts to start off a large long term scale project, our aluminum electrical die casting parts are used in different applications.
Common uses for die casting services for electrical enclosures include electronic devices that make use of circuit boards. They're also used to house electronic components found in many automobiles.
Design specifications for electrical die casting components often require the mold to be rugged and durable, lightweight for portability, waterproof, dust-proof and have fail-safe EMI shielding.  Yindi has experience with the most demanding electrical aluminum die casting components requirements.

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Why choose yindi die casting manufacturer?

Foshan Yindi Matrix Die Casting Co., Ltd is specializing in tooling making, aluminum alloy die casting over 20 years. We are an OEM die casting manufacturer. Now almost every product needs to make the die casting mold. Yindi has the complete processes from the making of die-cast mould to the finish. We protect the customers' sole ownership and strictly carry out the ISO standard. With enough production capacity, we can make more than 60 sets of new die casting moulds every month and produce about 70,000pcs castings every day. As one of the professional aluminium die casting companies, we have an efficient solution to control the cost for our client which is based on customer oriented. We insist on the steady quality performance, each pressure die casting mould will be full inspected before shipment. With a very competitive price and good die casting service, we are the best aluminum die casting factory company you can cooperate.

How does Yindi compare to other die casting companies?

When looking for the best die casting company, customers not only search for the lowest costs, but they want quality parts, on time and they want to be able to communicate more easily with manufacturers. With knowledgeable and experienced die cast engineers who can design for manufacturing is important for our customers and for a successful project. From material selection to choosing the optimal process and eliminating secondary operations, our engineers work with each customer during the design process to make sure the part design will succeed in mass production.

Hot chamber and cold chamber die casting

High pressure die casting can be divided into cold-chamber die casting and hot-chamber die casting processes. In the cold-chamber process, molten metal is metered into a cold chamber for each machine cycle. The molten metal is then forced by a single plunger through a narrow feeder channel, into the die cavity itself, by the application of pressures from 7 to 207 MPa. The metal solidifies rapidly because the die is water-cooled within a fraction of a second. Upon solidification, the dies are opened and the casting is removed using ejector pins. Most of the castings will have flash where the two die halves come together. This is usually removed in a trimming die. The high cost of dies and the capital cost of machines limit this process to high volume production of components. Hot-chamber die casting is limited to the low melting point magnesium and zinc alloys, where contamination by the iron will be less extensive. A gooseneck shot sleeve is submerged in a heated pot of molten melt. A plunger descends and forces the molten metal into the die. As the piston retracts, the cylinder is filled with metal.

Die casting parts quality control

Q:What's the aluminum die casting technique?
A:Aluminum die casting is considered as a non-expendable technique of molding in which the aluminum is forced into a molded cavity using high pressure. This process can be repeatedly used in order to make different kinds of designs to produce different kinds of shapes, sizes and thickness with accuracy so that it can appear attractive to the buyers.

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