GuangDong YinDi die-casting company’s pidemic prevention plan of new coronavirus pneumonia

In order to respond to the notification requirements of governments at all levels on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, to ensure that all staff of the YinDi die-casting company are not affected by the epidemic, and to ensure the normal production order of the company, this plan is hereby formulated:
I. During the epidemic prevention and control period, all employees from Hubei and Wenzhou of the YinDi die casting Company shall not leave according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements.Residence, wait for the epidemic situation to be effectively controlled and the epidemic prevention and control measures to be relieved before returning to work.
II. Anyone who passes through Hubei, Wenzhou and other areas with serious epidemic situation during the annual leave shall visit relatives or visit relatives in Hubei and Wenzhou Friends, or people who have come into contact with relatives or friends in Hubei in the near future, when returning to the factory, according to the government epidemic prevention and control should report to the local epidemic prevention and control office, and return to the factory after 14 days of isolation and observation.
III, All returned personnel outside the epidemic control area back to the factory to start work, please keep the departure area of the evidential data (car
Tickets, air tickets, highway bills, etc.), should be submitted to the administration department for future reference when returning to the factory.
IV. All personnel who leave the factory during the annual leave must go to the guard room when returning to the factory. According to the actual personal situation, in 2020 Detailed registration is carried out on the entry and exit registration form for prevention of new Coronavirus epidemic.
V, The epidemic prevention and control period, all personnel of the company into the company, the guard to measure the body temperature, higher than 37.3
Degree, go to the hospital for treatment and isolation observation at the first time.
Six, the epidemic prevention and control period, within the company, the company must wear masks, wash hands frequently to prevent virus infection.


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