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During the process of die casting, molten metal is injected into two components of a structure (the die), which are stuck together. The metal is injected underneath high pressure. After it has cooled, the two components of the die come loose and the part is removed. Because the same die mold is used repeatedly, each part comes out looking precisely the same. The process of designing the die is the only technically tough part of the operation. A number of factors have to be viewed to make certain that no air is trapped internal the molten metal when it is injected and calculations on the draft angle have to be made to make it likely for the part to be ejected easily. This technique is used in almost every industry in the world and it is unlikely that you are not surrounded by objects right now that have been created by a die casting technology.

Customized Die Casting Aluminum Machine

Does Your Company Require Mass Part Production?

With die casting process, you can make parts at a high-speed rate. You can make batches of multiple parts at once and can churn out thousands of parts before you need to do any extra tooling. If you only need to produce a few parts a day, mould die casting may not be for your company, but if your output is closer to 100 parts each day or more, technical die casting can really go up the efficiency of your organization.

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When it comes to China die casting, we at Yindi are the acknowledged experts. We've been die casting parts for decades, and we know about the best methods for creating quality industrial die casting. We offer aluminum die casting services you need, from CNC machining to metal finishing and assembly. To learn more about how Yindi can help you produce high-quality parts for your business, welcome to contact us.

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Does your company need die casting for your parts production?

If you have used other techniques of part manufacturing in the past, you might also wonder if die casting is right for your company. In fact, die casting is a very famous desire among most of the businesses as a cost-effective and efficient solution to your part production needs. 

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Our Aluminum Die Casting Plant

A key reason why YINDI is one of the leading aluminum pressure die casting manufacturers in China is our ongoing commitment to process improvement including the use of innovative equipment. We have been investing in advanced production line equipment to manufacture the highest quality products. In different die casting production lines, we have the advanced specific machines to produce. In the die casting mould workshop, we have more than 40 sets tooling making machines, we can design and manufacture the mould by ourselves. In the casting workshop, we have 9 sets Die casting machines from 160T to 900T to manufacture die cast aluminum. In the CNC workshop, we have 9 sets CNC and 5 sets lathes, we can machines parts with single position or multi position.

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What are the benefits of aluminum die casting service?

Our aluminum high pressure die casting process offers a lot of important benefits including:
Customization: Our technology facilitates the attainment of complex designs and forms, making it easy to customize the casting parts to specific manufacturing processes.
Higher rates: Aluminum alloy die castings enable parts to be manufactured at a much higher rate than other metal alloys. 
Lightweight strength: Aluminum castings offer a highly valued combination of light weight and superior strength.
Low cost: Aluminum alloy die cast parts are typically much cheaper than other metal alloys.
Versatile and resistant to corrosion: Aluminum castings are extremely versatile and offer excellent resistance against corrosion.
As an aluminum die casting manufacturer, YINDI also offers you complete and thorough assembly and testing of all die cast parts and products. If you're interested in aluminum pressure casting, you'll get a full-service experience available in our aluminum die casting plant.

Why choose alloy die casting?

Many manufacturers choose to die casting to mold metals into desired shapes because this process offers a high degree of uniformity, quality surface finishes, and close design accuracy to the finished products. In several cases, die casting also help manufacturers to eliminate or reduce the need for post-production machining. This in turn shortens the fabrication time and considerably increases the cost efficiency of the metal molding process. However, it might be a little bit difficult to die cast sturdier metals like certain grades of Steel. This is the reason why manufacturers prefer other casting methods for sturdier metals. Die casting molds are generally constructed from hardened steel. These molds are capable of handling a different range of alloys, but die casting is a lot more effective on metals that have low fusing temperatures. Aluminum alloys are generally lighter and stronger which are used for die casting.

The Lifespan of Aluminum Die Casting Molds

If you decide that aluminum die casting is the right choice for your production needs, you should understand the lifespan and maintenance that aluminum die casting molds to require. The life of the die casting mold is hard to pinpoint because it heavily depends on a lot of factors. You'll want to keep a variety of aspects in mind, including the design of the part, the tool steel used for the die, the mold configuration, heat treatment, the aluminum alloy that is being utilized, the desired part quality and more.

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Q:What's the benefit of the high pressure die casting?
A:It is accurate, economical and long lasting. Besides, the process can be automated and the molds can be used repeatedly.

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