Die Casting Capacity

High Pressure Die Casting Capacity

The workshop has a higher automation production capacity. Each device is basically equipped with automatic to soup, automatic spraying, automatic interval(large equipment is equipped with robots) function, so that the stability of the production process to get a lot of ascensions, effectively guarantee the quality of the production process stable and high production efficiency.



● DM1250: YIZUMI heavy duty cold die casting machine - (with full automatic third hand)
● DM900: YIZUMI standard cold die casting machine - (with automatic third hand)
● DM650: YIZUMI standard cold die casting machine - (with automatic third hand)
● DM500: YIZUMI standard cold die casting machine - (with automatic third hand)
● DM500H: YIZUMI high performance cold die casting machine - (with automatic third hand)
● DM300: YIZUMI standard cold die casting machine - (with automatic third hand)
● DM180: YIZUMI standard cold die casting machine - (with automatic third hand)
● YT168: YETIAN hot zinc alloy die casting machine - (with automatic third hand)
Melting Capacity
Melting Capacity 02
Melting Capacity 03

Smelting Capacity

Now die casting workshop equipped with two continuous smelting funace and the five central graphite crucible smelting funace, the biggest smelting capacity to supply per hour 3 tons of aluminum liquid; Liquid aluminum completely conform to the requirements of the relevant material standards, so as to guarantee the product quality and stable performance.

  • ● Xinpeng 1.5t centralized smelting furnace

  • ● Xinpeng 1.2t centralized smelting furnace

Machining Capacity

Machining Capacity

● FANUC ROBODRILL α-T14iFb Machining center
● TAIWAN TAKISAWA NEX-108M Numerical control car
● TAIWAN TAKISAWA NEX-108M Turning center
● FUDA FMC-1160 Machining center
● FUDA FMC-750 Machining center
● FUDA FMT-1200 Machining center
● LIJIN TC-1200 Machining center
● LIJIN TC-850 Machining center
Mold Design and R&D Capacity

Mold Design and R&D Capacity

Yindi, since its establishment, has been more than 20 years experience in zinc and aluminum die casting mold design and manufacturing. After 20 years of operation and growth, has trained a batch of actual combat experience rich mold engineering and technical personnel and the mold manufacturing technicians.
The company has important performance, according to the mold flow analysis results constantly optimize the design of the mold structure, so that the late mold has been effectively guaranteed and improve the quality of the custom die casting.
Machining Quality Assurance Capacity
Machining Quality Assurance Capacity 02

Machining Quality Assurance Capacity

Machining production process adopts the first inspection, inspection, process inspection of the quality management system, at the end of the use of testing tools are: the CMM, all kinds of commonly used gauge(through the gauge, thread plug gauge,etc.)gas measurement instruments, integrated fixture, etc.
Key feature size for the product, the use of SPC system for monitoring and management, and periodic CPKcalue of the size of the monitoring and analysis and constantly improve and optimize the processing of production process, make the CNC precision machining process of the quality and production efficiency has been effectively guaranteed.
Mold Manufacturing Equipment Capacity
mold-manufacturing-equipment-capacity 02

Mold Manufacturing Equipment Capacity

The company has a group of advanced mold manufacturing equipment, a total of more than 20 units, including vertical CNC machining centers, EDM, EDM processing equipment, mold fitting machine, universal radial drilling machine, surface grinding machine and other processing equipment.

Quality Management
Quality Management 02
Quality Management 03
Quality Management 04

Quality Management

● X-ray nondestructive fluoroscopy detector HT5000
● Hex kang GLOBAL CLASSIE SR 07.10.07 tri-coordinate measuring machine
● SPECTRO MAXx direct reading spectrometer
● Salt spray tester
R&D Capability
R&D Capability 02
R&D Capability 03
R&D Capability 04

R&D Capability

● Foshan Nanhai Yindi Die Casting Co.,Ltd. has the ability to synchronize design of new products and has successfully designed new products for multiple customers.

● Mold casting system simulation analysis software for filling simulation analysis to improve the flow mold system design.


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