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Yindi is one of the leading automotive die casting suppliers of precision aluminum components to the automotive industry. Supplying customers all over the world, we get used to working to the just-in-time supply requirements of the automotive manufacturers. Our casting process in automotive industry combined with conventional hot and cold chamber die casting are highly suitable to manufacture complex components at mass volumes.
Our advantage is that we have professional precision die cast solutions in the design, development and manufacture for a wide range of automotive industry applications.

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Yindi automotive aluminum die casting capabilities

Yindi runs automotive high pressure die casting services all around the world, manufacturing precision elements utilizing proprietary traditional hot and cold chamber die casting technologies. Our team's knowledge, combined with structured project management methods help to assist clients from concept, through rapid prototyping, tooling, and pre-production stages, and full-scale manufacturing as well.

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Through years of building relationships with our automotive industry customers, we have found that by working together on designs from the beginning we are capable to not only offer the quality solutions to new-age challenges but also price more effectively. By recommending the excellent aluminum die casting auto parts solutions up-front with a range of alloy aluminum diagram techniques, we are in a position to create a higher performing part that will be lighter and more reliable. Contact our team today to get your business moving forward.
Our vary of Automotive Die Casting Parts is suited for almost every type of machinery. We supply utmost preference to the quality while manufacturing these parts to meet defined quality standards. Further, these products can also be produced as customers' specific requirements.

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Aluminum Die Casting Company for Automotive Components

Yindi is the leading company for producing aluminum die castings for the automotive industry. We have equipment designed to produce depending on your particular needs. Our design process assures components meet exacting specifications and our streamlined manufacturing systems allow us to provide aggressive casting delivery times. Our engineers have the expert knowledge and innovative creativity that can meet your most demanding efficiently, cost-effectively and within your desired schedule.
Our die casting technique is massively popular in making automotive parts for the automobile industry. Cars have many aluminum parts that have been created via die casting methods. In fact, It is not possible to list out all the aluminum die castings for the automotive industry. However, let’s take a look at some of the most generally used automobile parts that have been created in die casting China.
Almost every automobile part of the engine is created through die casting. The stator is generally also made through aluminum die casting. Stators have many variations in size. This is why using die casting is such a good method, because it allows for different sized mechanical parts to be created with the highest degree of accuracy. Brackets are also created through the process of die casting. There are many other components within the automotive industry that are made through die casting methods. For instance, the heat sink and the auto fork are made through die casting. In fact, there are very few parts of a car that aren't created by die casting.

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Why Die Casting for Automotive Industry?

Die casting is an efficient, cost-effective procedure imparting a broader vary of shapes and elements for the automobile industry as well as other functions than any other manufacturing technique. Parts have a long service life and may be designed to complement the visual appeal of the surrounding part. Automotive components designers can obtain a range of benefits and advantages through specifying aluminum die casting parts.
High-speed manufacturing - Die casting is capable to produce automobile components with complicated shapes in nearer tolerances than many different mass production processes. Little or no machining is required and thousands of the same auto die castings can be produced before repairing the molds.
Dimensional accuracy and stability - Die casting produces automobile parts that are durable and dimensionally stable whilst keeping close tolerances. They are additionally heat resistant.
Strength and weight - Thin wall castings of die casting auto parts are stronger and lighter than those viable with other casting methods. Plus, due to the fact die castings do not consist of separate parts welded or fastened together, the strength of automotive parts after die casting is that of the alloy rather than the joining process.
Multiple finishing techniques - Diecast car parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces, and they are easily plated or finished with a minimum of surface preparation.

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Die Casting Benefits for the Automotive Industry

Yindi has over 20 years' experience in assisting automotive manufacturers design cost-effective automotive die casting components. When you cooperate with us you can receive the following benefits from our auto parts die casting process:
More design freedom and flexibility to create complicated parts
Aluminum components that assist to decrease automobile weight.
Precisely cast for thin-walled housings that provide shielding for a growing number of electronic sensors.
The capability to position electronic component and heat sinks within a shape design.
Vital shielding for telematics, which integrates telecommunications, navigation, and entertainment features within the vehicles' systems.
Connector housings for automobile electronic and electrical systems manufactured in all shapes and sizes in aluminum.
Fully recyclable automotive castings that help to attain stricter product recycling requirements.
An extensive variety of finishes.

Yindi Temperature Control Die Casting Standards

At Yindi, we take the issue of temperature control when it comes to die casting very seriously. We mainly use aluminum die casting and are highly experienced with keeping our materials and casting equipment at the most beneficial temperature for this kind of casting. In addition, we have thermal controls on our die casting machines to keep the suitable oil temperature, and our holding furnaces maintain the proper metal temperature at the die casting machine. Our die cast cells are designed to help us maintain extremely accurate temperature control over the entire die casting environment, alongside a team of metalworking engineers well-versed in critical temperature ranges and temperature control.


How do you choose auto die casting? With the rise of new energy vehicles, aluminum alloy and other lightweight materials are widely used in the production of chassis, auxiliary frame, motor housing and so on. The application of these new materials has also brought new processing challenges. On the other hand, most automakers outsource this kind of machining task to the auto diecasting company. Therefore, the search for efficient solutions to meet the growing demand for lightweight and electric processing of die casting auto parts has also become the focus of attention of the majority of auto diecasting company. YINDI MATRIX DIE-CASTING CO., LTD, as one auto diecasting company in China, with twenty three years’ experience in auto die casting, today would like to share you with some information about how to choose auto die casting.
First of all, let’s get to know some basic information about how auto die casting works. Through die casting machine, metal such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy is heated into liquid state, then is poured into the feed port of die casting machine. Through die casting machine, casting zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts are limited by die casting, such parts are usually called die castings. Die castings have different terms in different places, such as die casting parts, pressure castings, die casting aluminum, die casting zinc, die casting copper parts, copper new die castings, aluminum die alloy castings, aluminum alloy die casting parts, etc.


Second of all, the quality of the new energy automobile pressure casting includes the appearance quality, the internal quality and the quality of use. The appearance quality refers to the roughness, surface quality, dimensional tolerance, shape-position tolerance and quality deviation of the casting surface, and the internal quality refers to the chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties of the casting, the quality of use refers to the ability of the casting to meet the requirements and the working performance, the wear resistance, the corrosion resistance and so forth. The control of die casting surface temperature is very important for the production of high quality new energy automobile die castings. Improper die casting temperature will also lead to casting size instability. In the production if the middle ejection casting causes any deformation, it will result in hot pressure, adhesive die casting, surface depression, internal shrinkage hole and hot bubble and other defects. When the mould temperature differences, it will affects the variables on the production cycle such as filling, cooling time and spraying time, and so on.


The last but not the least, the production of internal auto die casting must be achieved in a timely manner. Otherwise, when the pressure is increased, the casting is already solidified, the casting cannot be realized. The start time of the boost should be adjusted organically. If the starting pressure of the charge is too small to cause the casting to be filled with poor quality, a lot of problems arise from the surface quality and the outline of the casting. If the start of the pressurization is too late, the casting is already solidified, and the effect of the pressurization is not. So it is also essential that the beginning of the boost start time is also critical. If there is a three-curve display on the machine, the adjustment can be viewed from the curve. If no curve is displayed, the quality of the casting can be carefully observed.

What is die casting

In the easiest terms, die casting is a process for creating metal components by forcing molten metallic beneath high pressure into aluminium die casting molds, recognized as dies. The dies are made from aluminum and contain the pattern for the metal parts. After the molten metal is pushed into the aluminum molds, it's left to cool and harden. Then, the metal is removed in what's known as a "casting gate". The casting is the name for the metal parts that have been created and removed in one piece out of the mold. The individual metal parts are then trimmed from the casting gate, and additional operations and finishing are done as needed to create your finished product. Die cast parts can be simple or complex — regardless of which you need, all of them come with a variety of finish options.

Die casting tooling

The key to a successful die casting is a good tool design, so it is essential that both the die caster and the consumer are well-versed in die casting skills and how they suit project requirements. A die casting die is a custom-engineered, multi-part piece of equipment made from high quality, heat-treated steel. The device is composed of two halves – a cover die (which is stationary) and the ejector die (which the die casting machine moves to meet the cover die). As soon as the two halves meet, the molten metal is injected into the tool, where it is held under pressure till it solidifies. After solidification, the metal is ejected, creating an almost net shaped part in seconds.


Let’s get to know some information about the air tightness test of die casting auto parts. As an integral part of the automobile, die casting auto parts are concerned about its air-tightness by the auto diecasting company. The products in the die casting auto parts field need special air-tightness treatment, and the state also has special grade requirements, meanwhile, different products have different detection methods. The research on the air tightness of the die casting auto parts is carried out by YINDI MATRIX DIE-CASTING CO., LTD, and the equipment customization is made according to the different detection requirements, and a good achievement has been achieved. So let us share you some information about the air tightness test of die casting auto parts.


First of all, analysis of the difficulty of detection
The shape of the die casting auto parts as a whole is irregular. The middle fovea is round, there are three contact pieces in there. There is a connector below, irregular long column. And three contact blocks below are used to connect zero devices in other parts of the car. The shape of automobile die casting is made of polygons and external waterproof shell, and there is a pair of interface extending in front of it, and the overall permeability is strong. The irregular shape makes it more inconvenient to detect the air tightness by using the shell material with high compactness, so it is necessary to use the mould to assist in the casting. When testing, it is necessary to take into account its non-damage, select the corresponding tooling, auto die casting, and pay attention to the calculation of its calculation method, pressure and software algorithm.
Second of all, the air-tightness detection process.


In our test, the shape of the two products tested is relatively different, the mould tools used are also different, but all need to be carried out with the help of moulds. Firstly, the mould prepared for auto parts is casted according to the shape of the accessories. Then, put the accessories into the mould, close to the inner wall of the mould, leave a port on the right to place the alignment column under the accessories. When the upper and lower moulds are closed, the right testing instruments are stuck to the opposite interface. In this way, it’s more conducive to the conduct of testing. Automobile die casting modeling is special, multilateral shape plus its overall permeability is higher. Due to the fact that its custom mould is more according to its overall shape to cast, the bottom of the interface to the right side into the mold, at this time the die casting as a whole and the die inner wall stuck very closely, the upper and lower die closed, the right instrument stuck to the interface, the degree of sealing is high. In this way, it’s also more conducive to make sure about the accuracy of testing. Before the detection begins, the parameters are set on the instrument. After pressing the start key, the instrument will fill the mould with dry and impurity-free gas, then disconnect the compressed air supply, stabilize its pressure for a period of time, and monitor the small change of air pressure in the detection environment after a given measurement time. The sensor transmits this information to the detection system. Finally, through a series of operations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and its gas tightness value can be detected according to the leakage value.

Die casting production line

die casting production line

Q:Does Your Company Currently Use Stamping for Parts Production?
A:You can save a lot of money with die casting over stamping due to the fact die casting can replace several components in the process. In addition, die casting typically wants fewer assembly operations than stamping, allows a wider range for part thickness, can be held within closer dimensional limits and produces much less scrap waste. 
Analysis on the factors affecting the process development of auto die casting in China

First of all, favorable factors
The auto diecasting company is not only affected by the laws, regulations and policies of the auto die casting industry, but also is very sensitive to those of the automobile industry. At present, the automobile industry has shifted to the new energy automobile, and the rise of the new energy automobile further pushes the body weight to be formed.

At present, the automobile industry has shifted to the new energy automobile, and the new energy automobile has to improve the user’s experience by reducing the weight of the vehicle body due to the insufficient battery life. Therefore, the development of new energy automobile will promote the development of die casting auto parts. The rise in fuel prices also leads to an increase in the cost of vehicle use, and a lighter body will effectively improve fuel economy. In addition, national auto emission standards are increasing, and lighter body weight will reduce engine power boost pressure and effectively meet energy-saving and emission-reduction standards. Under the drive of the light weight trend of the automobile, in recent years, the internal optimization of the automobile industry is optimized, and the aluminum casting is used to replace the ferrous metal casting, so as to drive the rapid development of the global aluminum alloy die casting market.

As a result of China’s high-speed development in the market, including raw material supply, labor resources, industrial chain matching, policy support and so on, the current trend of global auto die casting production in Asia, especially China, has been continuing since the twenty-first century. The expansion of market scale and the entry of international excellent enterprises have promoted the improvement of the technical level and management level of domestic auto diecasting company, and further promoted the development of the industry.
Aluminum is a silver-white light metal, its compounds are widely distributed in nature. The content of aluminum in the crust is about 8%, second only to oxygen and silicon, ranking third. Because aluminum products have the characteristics of flexible design, wear resistance, light structure and so on, aluminum has become the most widely used non-ferrous metals in the world. Its low density and light weight make it the first choice of metal materials for all kinds of equipment of course including auto die casting.

Second of all, unfavorable factors
The auto die casting industry belongs to the capital-intensive industry. The majority of the enterprises in the industry are private enterprises. The source of funds is the rolling investment of the retained earnings of the enterprises and the indirect financing of the banks. The financing channels are single, and the continuous expansion of the enterprise scale cannot be better promoted, and the international competitiveness is improved. The follow-up development potential of enterprises in the industry is restricted.
At present, the market concentration of auto die casting manufacturing industry in our country is low, the production capacity of most enterprises is small, and there are relatively few enterprises with scale advantages in the whole industry. Only a few enterprises have the overall ability of product scheme design, die casting design and manufacturing, material development and preparation, die casting process control and so on. Therefore, it is difficult for the industry as a whole to obtain the industrial chain synergy between production and research and development, which is not conducive to the promotion of the overall competitiveness of the industry.
Q:Does Your Company Require Complex Shapes Parts?
A:If your parts are standard, you have a lot of choices for part production, although you may not choose for die casting. However, if you are making complex parts, you need die casting, as the nature of die casting allows for tighter tolerances and more complicated patterns than stamping or other methods. You can immediately form a die mold for your exact part and get a nearly perfect copy of your atypically shaped part every time. 
Main factors affecting the auto die casting industry in China

First of all, impact of periodic features
Due to the close relationship between the auto die casting industry and the upstream and downstream industries, the auto diecasting company is influenced by the periodicity of the upstream and downstream industries. And the metal material used for die casting auto parts is aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy, wherein the aluminum alloy is at most 85 percent. The periodic fluctuation of the aluminum price greatly influences the cost of the auto die casting. In recent years, the proportion of the die casting products used in the automobile industry has been more than 70%, so the die-casting industry is largely influenced by the periodicity of the automobile industry.

Second of all, seasonal characteristic influence
The seasonal characteristics of auto die casting industry are not obvious, and its production and sales are less affected by season. However, the production and sales of die casting auto parts industry is greatly affected by the downstream vehicle industry production plan. Domestic and foreign automobile factories usually increase production plans in the fourth quarter of each year to cope with the impact of reduced production during the Spring Festival or Christmas holiday, making the first quarter of the industry generally less than the fourth quarter of sales.

Third of all, regional characteristic influence
From the overall point of view of auto die casting industry, the regional characteristics of die casting industry are very obvious. In the downstream customer gathering, economic activity and supporting developed areas are easy to form industrial clusters. At present, China has formed die casting industrial clusters such as Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Northeast Three Provinces and Southwest China, among which the industrial clusters of Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta are the most prominent. The two regions are economically active, supporting industries are developed, and the regional advantages are obvious.

Fourth of all, the influence of upstream industry
The metals used in auto die casting mainly include aluminum, zinc, magnesium and copper. The supply and price level of upstream raw materials have a great impact on the production cost of auto diecasting company. In general, the raw materials required in the die-casting industry are provided with sufficient supply, the price is relatively transparent, and the influence of the die-casting industry is less than that of the materials in the die-casting industry, but the price fluctuation of the metal materials is large, so that the production cost of the auto diecasting company can have a great influence.

The last but not the least, the relevant policies of the main product importing country and the competition pattern of the similar products in the importing country

The main importers of automotive aluminum alloy die castings are North America and the European Union. On March 8, 2018, the U.S. government decided to impose a full tax on imported aluminum products at a tax rate of 10 percent. On March 22, 2018, the U.S. government signed a memorandum of understanding to impose tariffs on imports from China. The change of international trade policy will have a great impact on China’s auto die casting industry, but the characteristics of the automobile industry also determine the long-term and stable cooperative relationship between the supply and demand side.

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