In the past two years, the word "Entrepreneurship" has been talked about a lot.However, it seems that we only see the word brought about by the bright, but few people really pay attention to the countless entrepreneurs on the road who start their own struggling. We hope to restore every entrepreneur's most real entrepreneurial process and feel their pain and happiness.This issue guest xu guopei, a "senior entrepreneur", will generously give us his decades of experience and feelings. 



I hope everyone can benefit from it. XUGUOPEI: “DIE-CASTING” CHINA DREAM When I went home after program, I was out of curiosity and made a bowl of soy sauce soup. As XuGuo Pei said in the recording, I could not swallow a few drops of soy sauce mixed with a bowl of rice in plain water.The hardships of poor food, insufficient sleep and high-intensity work what honed his firm and indomitable volition. A legendary experience which made me sincerely respect the weather-beaten and amiable "XUDADA". Before the program recording, when I was sorting out xu guopei's interview manuscript, a resume of more than 1400 words stood out of our eyes. Just from the number of words, I can see a person's attitude - serious.For an entrepreneur, this is just one of the most valuable qualities.As I opened my resume, I saw the boy who had dropped out of school at the age of 14 to shoulder the burden of his family with his father. "I have done a lot of industry,as doing farm work, doing bamboo carpenter, selling ice lolly in NingBo and putting a floor stall in Shanghai chenghuang temple. In 1983, in order to have a better way to earn a living, I went to sichuan at the age of 22 to learn how to make moulds from my brother-in-law. 


At that time, moulds was still a new industry. It was from here that I became inseparable from moulds. XuGuoPei has suffered many hardships, perhaps he can not count them over.Today he walked into the studio, laughing and talking about his past sufferings, with a gentle smile on his face and no complaints.Looking back on the past, XuGuoPei said, "it broadened my horizon and improved my experience as a beginner in society." Talking about their own entrepreneurial experience,it is also a series of twists and turns.First in 1987,I opened a family workshop button factory, but because of insufficient business, poor management and other reasons, closed it after a year, not only did not earn money, but owed a ten thousand yuan of foreign debt.Faced with huge debts, XuGuoPie said, "I am the backbone of my family. I want to change my life with my hands." For the family and responsibility XuGuoPei can not fall down, he took his young brother to work out of hometown, with only 300 RMB. We still earned money on the craft of making molds, and the opportunity was often only for those who are prepared."One's luck is there,but the key is whether you can catch it or not." After a cold chellu, plum has its own fragrance.Xu GuoPei's luck really came.


When others were driving cars, he and his young brother rode motorcycles to do the business.He and his young brother still live with employees when others are in buildings.During these days of contracting the die - casting workshop, the brothers scrimped and saved.With this tenacity, the brothers saved 3 million RMB and set out again on the hard road to start their own business. Since then, XuGuoPei's career develop quickly, with suffering and hardship or not? But he kept on moving on the way of entrepreneurship wihout this little suffering. Until now, the brothers are still learning from the new business development model and new business management of model.He always believes that continuous learning can not be eliminated by The Times, and their enterprises will be able to stand firm in the constantly updating market tide. As the earth's environment continues to deteriorate, the country has stepped up its environmental monitoring.


A new environmental protection law has been introduced to bite into the teeth of heavy polluters. In 2014, hebei province alone shut down 9,360 environmental violators.Die casting industry is high pollution and high consumption of industry. But XuGuoPei's enterprise has not been affected by any way.The reason is that their technology is always the most advanced.When others used coal to power them, they were the first to use electricity.When others use electric power, they are the first to use natural gas energy.The make the efforts in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection.He thinks that walks in the forefront of The Times all the time and has the ability lets oneself enterprise not be eliminated by The Times. Because of XuGuoPei's unremitting efforts and persistence ,YinDi die casting co., LTD has made great and stable development today. But this is not xu guopei's ultimate dream.When he moved to a new plant in 2012, he recalls being jokingly asked, " you're over 50 now, are you going to move in a few years?""Move!"He said firmly, "I hope YinDi can be stronger, bigger and better in our brothers' hands." Looking back at the twenty years of entrepreneurial road, from the village penniless boy to the chairman of the company, someone asked XuGuoPei why you are successful. XuGuoPei said: " We do not stop our industrious hands, and do not forget the integrity of the original intention of life


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