How to buy die-casting product in China?

Howo Buy die casting product in China ? It is common knowledge that Sourcing die casting component is most complicated than other Fabrication process .As Die casting is a Metal die casting process that is characterized by forcing 650 °C molten metal under high pressure into a dies cavity.and more secondary process made by manual.So it is very hard to sourcing a good die casting manufacturer in china. In particular ,a lot of die casting company in china. Now I share some die casting examples that my customer met : Example 1: Offer lowest price , but open a smaller mold ,and simple mold .it’s hard to produced in mass production . Or they ask for extravagant prices when mass production , and let you choose : Agree the price or move mold to another factory. Final ,you only accept this High bills Example 2: No professional . all guy want earn money , and can do many thing. if their website main said they do plastic one . and you choose them as die casting supplier . I think this makes no sense. Example 3: if there are only small die casting machine,but you die casting product is largest . I suggest you find another die casting company . and if you die casting componet is high quality . try to choose center furnace for aluminium diecasting process.

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